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Our group once again met in the great Mhlozi Bush Camp in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, near Pongola & close to the Swaziland border and Jozini Lake.


Apart of Hans hunt and our bush walks we again tried to catch tiger fish in the Pongola River that feed the huge 13 000 ha Jozini Dam. [27 24'08''S 31 57'31''E]

Score: 1 Tiger, 1 Barbell.


Then, after hunting and fishing activities completed, other than cooking and feed the bone fire it's only relaxing time for talking rubbish and a lot of nonsense, sharing friendship, a few drinks and serious meals.


One of the unexpected highlight of the week was the giraffe catching episode. Eight young giraffes 2-3 years old had to be taken out of the valley for relocation and we could take part of that fantastic hunt. The photos here under say more than words except the feeling of rushing in a one minute bush wild and straight drive even over small trees, stones and anything between the lying giraffe and the bakkie waiting at "GO" signal. Harsh time indeed. One minute to inject the antidote that's all!

The helicopter approaches to a 30 m close position and shoot a dart in the selected animal's bum. After the first minute, this animal will be solidly entraved with special harness and ropes to help control its movement when been conducted to the trailer. That's all folks!

Huge team work, high skills, quick and efficient people to do this incredible job with the less stress as possible for the captured animal.


See you next year guys.

Special thanks to Hans and Vic for their perfect organization and to each one of this lovely group including Mike, Ray, Pieter, Chris, John for the first time and myself. 


Kind regards, Gerard.


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Hyena Mangose Mangose Hyena
Family photo Zebra tracks Giraffe Blue Wildebeest
      rest at the camp
John in action 6kg Barbel Pongola River  Curious Hippo
Nile croc .odile African spoonbill
Wire-tailed Swallow Black-crowned Night Heron Scarlet-chested Sunbird
Plains zebras